Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey :)

Hey everyone i'm in 6th period right now in school :) Boy is the day going by slow!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bed time!!!!!!!

Good-night everyone! Cya at school tomorrow <3

I love starbucks!

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I just realized something.....

The chess comics are SOOOO not funny! I began to read them again and its not funny at all. :) Hahaha

Funny comics!

I think these are funny :)

Miss K!

O.M.G! Miss K is soooo awesome! She always makes math much funner! We also have alot of laughs in my class.

Miss K: guys what do we do when we put our decimal down?
Whole class: -makes farting noises-

Follow my blog!

Please follow my blog, and i will follow your to! Well, if you have one haha :)

What is in this picture??? Tell me!

Is it a old man and women, or a village???

Fractions song by the Rappin mathematition!

Click this link for the song! If you know how to show the video on here, please tell me....i have no idea how to!

-Caitie <3

Homework Alert!

Lauguage Arts: Vocab page due tomorrow, 1/4 BR book by wednesday

Math: Study for decimal quiz tomorrow!

Science: Study for quiz on October 28th

Social Studies: Complete paragraph due tomorrow

First post :)

Hiiiiii this is my first post (as you can see)! I will be posting tons of things like homework for team 6-3, tons of cool videos, pictures, and muuuuuch more :) Please do not write anything bad on my blog!!!

    Thanks, Caitie <3